How Learning to Make Your Own Golf Clubs Can Help Your Game

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Most golfers never dreamed up making their own golf clubs. Most feel that is an art best left for professionals. However, there are some compelling reasons to seriously consider making your own clubs.

First, as with many things, making your own golf clubs isn’t as complicated as club manufacturers would have you believe. In fact, for those of us that have the time to take that kind of hobby, you can build a club in very little time if you have the right equipment. There aren’t that many components that go into building a golf club. You have the head, the shaft, and the grip. Outside of that, there is a small ferrule that covers the entry point where the club shaft meets the hosel of the club head. The rest is learning how to put all the components together. There are many resources that teach how to do that. In fact, there are plenty of YouTube videos doing just that.

Another reason to consider building your own clubs is the knowledge you gain by learning how to do it. When you understand the anatomy of a golf club, you know doubt will gain a better understanding of each component and what it means to your swing. Once you know how build a club, you gain the knowledge on how to adjust that club to your body size and your natural swing. Many people have a decent golf swing, but they don’t have clubs that fit that swing. Pro golfers are constantly tweaking their clubs to fit their natural tendencies and so should you. Having the knowledge to adjust any club in your bag is invaluable.

Lastly, and not be discounted, is cost. The average Joe can build a decent set us irons for material costs of $200.00 – $300.00 combined with their on sweat equity. This adds up to significant dollar savings for consumers. In fact, you can afford to upgrade to better equipment by cutting out the middle man! Yes, you will have some up-front costs to buy the tools you need to put your clubs together, but that is a one-time fee that can pay significant dividends down the road. Don’t skimp on the tools you need. The right tools will make your club making experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Don’t be afraid to try something new! I know many people who have fallen in love with building their own clubs and it’s made playing the game more enjoyable for them. There’s no better feeling then trying out clubs you built and that helped you shoot a lower score!